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“Matt, The Hamilton [4992B] was my father's ever-present possession for over thirty years from when he acquired it near the beginning of WWII. I've since had it in my desk drawer for well-over that period, and now having it keeping precise time again is like a resurrection.” June 2014

Thanks Matt, Tom C.

“Dear Matt, Took the [Bell-Matic] watch to the official Seiko office in Taipei just to get the watch band fitted. The old Seiko watch repair technician was impressed with your restoration work. But they won't work on old Seiko watches, only those under warranty. Nobody does what you do. You truly provide a valued service. I enjoy the hell out of this watch.” July 2012

Cheers, Mark R.

“Please feel free to use me as a testimonial for your work. It would be my pleasure to help inform potential clients as to your way of doing business: precise, complete, and dedicated to client satisfaction. I also appreciate your constant feedback during the restoration process.” February 2012

Regards, Jeff B.

“Hi Matt, I just got my old Longines back, and am absolutely thrilled with your work. It looks fantastic, and works perfectly! I also wanted to thank you for a level of service that amazed me. It's rare to run across someone as professional, polite, and communicative as you. The whole transaction left me a very happy camper."

Thanks again, Rob

“Hi Matt, I never thought I'd see that old watch so beautifully restored, and running yet. I'm almost afraid to set it for fear of damaging the hands. You must have a great deal of pride in your work. Mailed check today. It was worth every penny.” July 2008

Thanks again, George J.

“Dear Matt, When I was nine, and I still used to wear short trousers, my father and I, we both shared Science Fiction books, often discussing about who was the best writer of all or what the Future would disclose to us. On the rear cover of these paperbacks, the majority of times there was an advertising of "NIVADA ANTARCTIC, A WATCH EXPRESSELY MADE FOR ANTARCTIC EXPEDITIONS"praising its precision, its ruggedness and so on. This tiny piece of metal really looked fine to me, so my father, a former Minesweeper Commander once said: "Look Vittorio, one of these days, if school results keep going this way, we shall buy one for you." Maybe in his mind eventually looking at me on the deck of a destroyer or a submarine, who knows. But life is so strange, and I became firstly an infantryman an after a doctor. The desire to own this particular watch came then back again when I tried to getting involved my daughter in some FS readings: paperbacks covers, were still there. ...You know the rest of the story.

And today in the farmacy of my friends I felt really excited when unpacking the parcel. Nevertheless, unexpected, first came out a framed picture of a Navy officer wearing a Nivada Antarctic. This was really a missed hartbeat to me, because I knew a circle of life was closing around itself. And the watch? The watch is BEAUTIFUL, even more than in the picture, and proudly is moored in the middle of my wrist. Dear Matt, You made such a present to me. I am very grateful to You, thank you so much! Have a good day, have a good day all the day.” February 2008

Sincerely, Vittorio - Italy

“Hi Matt - You have left me virtually speechless. When I opened up the box and bubble wrap and found the Omega inside - I cannot express how thrilled I was. I'm a bit embarrassed to admit I did not even realize there was an Omega symbol on the crystal. The hands look fantastic - I am thrilled.” December 2007

Have a great week, Zach H.

“Matt, I was thrilled when I purchased my Wyler and probably more thrilled when I received it today. Many years ago men in your profession were called Watch Makers. They were skilled craftsmen who took pride in their work and people relied on their Watch Maker and had utmost confidence in their expertise. In my considered opinion you epitomize that Watch Maker. Thank you so much.”

Best Regards, Larry

“Matt, my son worked with you to restore my Hamilton . I can’t tell you how overjoyed I am to have this old friend back. I bought it in the mid-seventies I believe in Louisiana having been stationed at Ft Polk as an Army Officer. It has been round the world and was always reliable. I was distressed when the original stainless strap wore out but it kept working. The stem cover wore out from rubbing on my arm but it kept working. I kept using it and finally the main stem finally wore out. I have rarely had anything work 30 some years but I was sad to put it down. My son knew my attachment to it so he sought you out. I am wearing it now and think how grateful I am to both of you to have an old friend back. Sir, I will forever be in debt to you for your skill, energy and follow up on this watch. I am the benefactor of your efforts and I will always remember you for it.”

Thank you, LTC S. Rooney, U.S. Army Retired

“The watch arrived safely and in the good condition to which you restored it: you really did right by that watch. Pieces like that make one wish quartz had never been invented. A little treasure for which I thank you.”

My best to you, Keith

"Matt makes collecting vintage watches possible for the rest of us! Excellent work with truly dedicated attention to detail at very reasonable prices. I have trusted him with everything from an impossibly small women's gold Rolex to a 1940's Angelus chronograph, from a simple COA to the complete restoration of my grandfather's WWII military Tudor, which had sat broken and illegible in his drawer since the 60's. He is simply a priceless resource for any collector."

TW Jones, Basel , Switzerland

"Matt has consistently been able to advise, repair and restore a number of my watches - most times into a condition that I never thought possible. He is a great asset to the watch collecting community."

Tom M.

"Matt has done a fantastic job restoring my vintage watches. He has been excellent to work with, my watches (ladies watches...tiny movements) come back in wonderful working order. Thanks Matt."

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