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Elgin Art Deco Pocket Watch

This c. 1925 16-Size Elgin pocket watch rolled off the production line during the height of the Roaring 20s when Art Deco design motifs were all the rage. Unfortunately, it took quite a beating in the intervening 80+ years before coming to me in a box of pocket watch parts. The crystal and hands were long gone and so much paint had worn off the metal dial that it had a rusty patina. In addition, the 15-jewel (Grade 313) movement had a damaged click and broken balance staff. While some of the details were not reproduced correctly by the refinisher, the dial was nonetheless transformed into something close to its original beauty. The floral designs on the case and bird design on the 2 tone metal dial are hallmarks of Art Deco design. I was able to find and fit appropriate blue steel hands and a new-old-stock glass crystal. I also replaced the balance staff and click. Once spurned, this old Elgin is now ready for another 80 years!

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